march lab



March LA.B wants to honor the vintage watches that only find favor in their eyes. A creative requirement that imposes timeless models, which will be passed on to future generations, just like the most exceptional watches of past decades… The March LA.B alliance focuses on its idea of aesthetics to reveal superb watches, minimalist and elegant, slimmer watches proportioned with the elegance of today’s urban dandy.

In order to highlight the extreme care given to their designs, the creators of the French brand March LA.B naturally turned to renowned collaborators of the watch industry. After a first Franco-Swiss collaboration, March LA.B chooses today to assert its “French touch” thanks to the secular know-how of French watchmaking… By associating with prestigious French assemblers and leatherworkers from the Doubs region (Morteau), March LA.B has taken the decision to scrupulously respect the principles of the local watchmaking culture: technicality, reliability and precision.

March LA.B pays particular attention to a set of subtle details and meticulous finishes that give it a strong and unique identity. Skillfully crafted crowns placed at four o’clock, a back engraved with a coat of arms, a green signature present through discreet touches, contrasting treatments of polished and brushed steel, a personalized date and buckles reflecting the retro spirit of the brand…