Precious jewelry made in family in the South of France.

Gigi was born in the south of France, in a home steeped in the traditions of design and fashion. His father, Alain, worked on his jewelry bench, drawing delicate designs by hand. Her avant-garde mother sparked a burgeoning creativity for color, elegance and print. It’s the happiness of a father amazed by his little girl who gives birth to Gigi Clozeau.

Gigi has something divine in the way she interprets simple things, everything that touches her is subject to creativity: a street graffiti in Brooklyn, the lavender field and its colors, the emotion that one feels under a starry sky facing the sea.
She knows how to transmit her emotions through her jewelry. Each jewel, each collection has a story. That’s why we are all crazy about them!
His world is magical, dazzling, enchanting and authentic. “We would follow her to the end of the world.
Collier gigi Clozeau Classique or jaune 86 cm